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Design at Work


Course Overview

If your role or business relies on you to be a little bit of a designer yet you have no intention of becoming a fully fledged graphic designer or you are an employer that does not have a design budget you may have an employee you would like to train up, this COURSE is for you.
This course focuses on enabling you to accomplish design tasks without years of design training. We supply you with a selection of beautiful work related design templates, teach you a simple set of working design skills and instruct you how to use CorelDraw so that you may apply designs to our templates.

Why CorelDraw?

CorelDraw is a ‘multi page layout program’. This means that you can create a design that has one or more pages. CorelDraw is great for type and can also accept what we call vector and pixel based graphics. Which are fancy words for graphics and images.

CorelDraw is very intuitive and can be used from a beginner to a professional level. This means that using CorelDraw on a regular basis will expand your skills. You can use it in the future to create your own designs. That’s tons of scope and lot’s of creative possibilities. We like that!

Course summary

  • An introduction to desktop publishing.
  • Preparation and design thinking.
  • Create Design Briefs and Style Guides
  • Using branding guidelines and gathering resources.
  • How to create CorelDraw documents from scratch.
  • How to quickly set up CorelDraw.
  • Using Tools and Menus.
  • Working with Images and Type.
  • Working with Colour and ready made colour tools.
  • Using templates for quick design.
  • How to make your own templates for repeatable use..
Duration 2 Weeks
Level Beginner
Instution Intent Graphics Academy
Branch Area 1, Garki-Abuja
Seat available 20
Price 100,000.00

20 in stock

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